Minister Creed to address INHFA Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association will be held next Thursday 6th June in the Clayton Hotel Sligo. The AGM which is sponsored by Nutrias Animal Feeds will see outgoing National President Colm O’Donnell commence his second two year term as President following a unanimous endorsement by the organisations National Council.

In discussing the AGM, O’Donnell outlined how they expect up to 150 delegates to attend with the order of business commencing at 2pm. The election of National Secretary and Treasurer will form part of proceedings which will also include annual reports and discussion of national policy. The AGM he stated “provides our branch and county officers the opportunity to have a direct say in electing our national officers and critiquing national policy.”

The second part of our AGM he added “will see a number of addresses including one from our Sponsor Nutrias Animal Feeds, who continue to support our farmers and the organisation and one from Minister Michael Creed who is attending our AGM for the second time.”

In concluding he pointed to the major challenges farmers face with regard to the pressure on income’s, the ongoing devaluing of our lands as a result of natura designations and the changes that may will be required in farming practices resulting from the biodiversity and climate change emergency. All of these issues he stated “can be addressed through the new CAP which is why we need to ensure that changes here delivers for those on our hills and high nature value farmlands.”