Market Access And Share A Priority For Farm Exports Through Brexit Process – INHFA

The Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association have expressed major concern for the beef and lamb trade this Autumn and beyond following the UK’s decision to vote on leaving the EU. INHFA Livestock Chair Brendan Joyce outlined how a fall in the value of sterling will leave Irish exports to the UK less attractive and at the same time provide a significant advantage to UK farm produce exported to mainland Europe.

While we have seen currency fluctuations in the past, the concern is that Sterling will continue to fall against the Euro as the Bank of England starts to print money in order to stave off a recession. In the likelihood of this happening stated Mr Joyce “Irish farm exports both to Britain and Europe will take a hit,which is why we need to see a very aggressive campaign from Board Biareinforcing, the high quality Irish produce that British and European consumers know and trust”

Moving to a final deal on Brexit Mr Joyce outlined how access to the UK market will remain essential for the future well-being of Irish Agriculture. Hopefully he stated “enough flexibility and common sense will prevail between those negotiating from the UK and EU to ensure this happens” He concluded by once again emphasising the importance of a marketing campaign for Irish farm produce to protect market share. After the UK leaves the EU he stated “they will no doubt do trade deals with non EU countries to provide cheap food which is why we will need to be creative and smart in how we market a superior and more traceable product”