Following communication with the Minister for Agriculture Mr. Michael Creed and a meeting with DAFM officials, the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) have secured future payments for farmers who had lands burned in 2017.

Following the meeting INHFA President Colm O’Donnell stated “that affected farmers will be issued with their 2018 basic payment applications immediately, which includes burned lands excluded from payment under last year’s scheme. I am advising all farmers concerned to instruct their agricultural advisor to use the most up to date online maps to make their 2018 BPS application”.

The farm leader went on to further clarify “that no penalties would apply to their 2017 BPS payments where the amount of land deemed ineligible due to burning is exceeded by other lands submitted by the applicant. In these cases the balancing 30% of their BPS payment will issue without penalties in the coming two weeks”.

Concluding O’ Donnell said “that where farmers have received late application forms, a commitment was given by DAFM officials to assist them and their planners should they require help or seek clarifications regarding the making of a valid 2018 application”.