Land Designations and GLAS Dominates INHFA National Planning Meeting

NHFA National Executive L- R John Moran, Vincent Roddy, Brendan OMalley (Chairman) Joe Condon, Brendan Joyce, Colm ODonnell, Micheal McDonnell, (some Board members were unavoidably absent)INHFA National Chair Brendan O Malley stated that “costs in relation to land
designations and continued issues regarding accessibility to GLAS were two of
the major issues discussed at the organisations national planning meeting held
in Tuam on the 11th of September”

At present many farmers with designated land ie SAC, SPA and NHA are
required to get planning permission to carry out normal farming activities such
as fencing. This requirement is adding a major cost to farmers as planning
permission involves getting an environmental impact report and will also
require engineer involvement. The INHFA estimate the cost for a planning
application to fence a designated (natura) site will be somewhere between
€4000 – €6000 and there is no guarantee the farmer will get planning

Mr O Malley added “that this and many other issues regarding land
designations can no longer be ignored. This is why we need the NPWS and
Minister Humphreys to stop ignoring the real concerns farmers have and
engage in an open and transparent forum to help find solutions”
Other issues discussed in Tuam were GLAS and what farmers can expect in the
Commonage Management Plans, the Beef and Sheep sectors and in particular
the market outlook and what supports these sectors need. Policy positions are
also being drafted on CAP in relation to the mid-term review and CAP post
2020, Farm Assist, Agri-tourism and walkways.

Mr O Malley concluded by stating “that in the coming weeks we will be holding
a number of meetings to inform farmers on all our policies and to explain
radical proposals on a new structure for the organisation that, will give a voice
to the thousands of farmers that have being previously ignored”