INHFA welcomes the establishment of an all-island Wool Council

The Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) have welcomed the establishment of the Wool Council following a meeting of various stakeholders held in Athlone on Wednesday 5th April. Speaking on this INHFA President Vincent Roddy commended the work of INHFA members and many others in securing such an entity which he stated “will focus on the issues in the wool market and aim to address the poor return for sheep fleece.”

The market for wool has, he added, languished for many years and the hope is that this Council can provide viable options and novel routes for the re-purposing of this natural, local product.

Potential innovative approaches include

• Using wool as a natural fertiliser,
• Expanding its use in insulation,
• Garden pest control,
• Use as a natural fibre with superior thermal properties.

The creation of the Wool Council, will, maintained Roddy “allow a dedicated and continued focus being brought to bear on the uses of wool, bringing stakeholders together to develop solutions.”

INHFA will, he added “be represented, by Vice-President Phelim Molloy who has over his two years as Vice-President dedicated a great deal of time towards the establishment of an All-Island Wool Council which he always maintained can be a key component in addressing the poor market returns for wool.”

In concluding the INHFA President stressed the need for an improved budget “to enable the Wool Council to be an effective force in improving market opportunities and ultimately delivering a better price for wool.”