INHFA welcomes support from Donegal County Council on Nature Restoration Law

As Minister Eamon Ryan battles with colleagues in other EU countries to ensure the Nature Restoration Law (NRL) is passed by the Council of Ministers there is further resistance to the law in Ireland.This resistance comes from members of Donegal County Council who backed a motion “calling on the Irish Government to reject the proposed NRL in its current form, due to the very serious impact that the law will have on farming and associated economic activity within the county.”

Speaking on this the National Chair of the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association Pheilim Molloy outlined how “the association addressed a recent meeting of Donegal County Council on the proposed law detailing the impact the law will have for farming and rural communities.”

As part of their address to the meeting they also included wording for a proposed motion to the Government which members of Donegal County Council adopted.

Our concerns on this law are, stated Molloy, “well known, and while Minister Ryan continues to push for the adoption of the law it is critical that he, the Government and European Institutions know that, his opinion is not representative of our farmers, rural Ireland and the elected representatives in County Donegal.”

Molloy also encouraged other County Councils “to follow the lead taken by Donegal and pass this or similar motions which will help to reinforce the message that the law is flawed and must not be enacted.”