INHFA Welcomes Sheep Support Measure

The recent announcement made in the Program for Government of a €25million support package for the sheep sector has being welcomed by the Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association. INHFA Livestock Chair Brendan Joyce
stated “it was a positive first step in providing support for an industry that is of major importance to the rural economy of Ireland”

Mr Joyce outlined how sheep prices similar to beef has struggled to provide a fair return for farmers over the years which he said “is especially true for the lighter lamb trade that many hill farmers depend on” With this in mind added Mr Joyce “it is vital that any scheme is practical and delivers for farmers and not other interests”

Citing the Beef Data & Genomics Program as something that was unworkable for many farmers as proven by a poor uptake and high dropout rate, Mr Joyce outlined how a sheep scheme needs to be easily available to all farmers. The Sheep Grassland Scheme he added “is something that had worked well before and delivered to all farmers”

Mr Joyce concluded by stating how “farmers need to be properly consulted on this unlike what seems to have happened in the BDGP which was highlighted by the confusion that happened after the scheme was launched”