INHFA welcomes fodder subsidy but cautions that it may not be enough

In welcoming the fodder subsidy announced today the Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) have also asked the Minister to look again at the overall budget and payment rates to farmers.Speaking on this INHFA President Vincent Roddy outlined the pressure all farmers especially those involved in our sheep and suckler sectors are facing. “In the last year we have seen the price of fertiliser triple, plastic wrap increase by 50% and diesel prices double, all of which will increase the cost of any silage made this summer” he added.

When working through the costs Roddy stated how “on a grass crop that produces 10 bales of silage/acre the cost of making a bale of silage could be as high as €30 a bale which would be an increase of €12 a bale on previous years. For farmers that are renting land the cost will be even higher.”

In welcoming the proposed Government support for the making of silage the INHFA President stressed the need for an increased budget and payment rate stating that “the support announced will work out at €4/bale whereas the increased costs we have outlined comes to €12 a bale with similar increases applying to pit silage.”

In conclusion the INHFA leader encouraged the Minister to look again at the payment rates and budget and stressed the need for the proposed scheme “to be simple and effective in its administration.”