INHFA Seeking fairness not favouritism in addressing climate change concerns.

In responding to a recent report calling for a reduction in suckler cow numbers the INHFA have stated how it is totally unacceptable that the suckler sector is targeted while the dairy sector that has seen massive growth gets a free pass.

National Vice President John Moran outlined how climate change will be a major factor for our farming sector as we try and reduce our carbon emissions. However stated Moran “in targeting the suckler sector will further undermine many parts of rural Ireland and fail to deliver positive outcomes in terms of climate change and biodiversity. ”

In opposing the findings of the Climate Change Advisory Council (CCAC) review Moran stated “how the report rewards a very intensive farming model that is unsustainable ahead of an extensive farming model that delivers for rural Ireland and the environment as illustrated in the Burren.” John also asks the question ” Has Climate change now become a factor of economics, i thought climate change was about the environment and doing what was best for to protect and enhance our biodiversity.

He concluded by stating “how the INHFA have adopted the policy of fairness not favouritism in relation to Irish Agriculture as this is what we strive for. With this in mind we cannot understand how a Climate Change Advisory Council can effectively write a report undermining the farmers that are actively trying to sustain the environment on land that off sets the greenhouse gas emissions of other larger so called ‘productive industries’ like the dairy industry”