INHFA Meets Minister Creed on Sheep Scheme

INHFA Delegation Henry O'Donnell, Steven Lally, Vincent Roddy, Minister Creed, Colm O'Donnell, Brendan O'Malley
INHFA Delegation Henry O’Donnell, Steven Lally, Vincent Roddy, Minister Creed,
Colm O’Donnell, Brendan O’Malley

A delegation from the INHFA has met with Minister Creed and Department of
Agriculture officials in relation to the new sheep scheme and a number of
other issues. The INHFA welcomed the €25million support for the struggling
sheep industry and in particular the Hill Sheep Sector which has being
particularly badly hit following the loss of the light lamb trade.

The Minister took on board the organisations concern that the new scheme
should be inclusive and not alienate farmers by being difficult to implement at
farm gate level. INHFA Chair Vincent Roddy insisted “the scheme must address
the financial difficulties faced by farmers in this sector, but must also be
administered in such a way that make it desirable for farmer uptake and
deliver its objectives without being an administration nightmare”

Mr Roddy also supported the Minister in his bid to get the necessary
amendments to the Rural Development Program off to Brussels by the 30th
June deadline. This stated Mr Roddy “should ensure a pay out on the scheme
in the first half 2017 which is something the INHFA are anxious to see happen”

In light if the tight deadline and the complexities involved in designing a
scheme of this nature a commitment was given by the organisation to liaise
with the Minister and his officials in putting a workable scheme in place for