Speaking after Mondays Fodder stakeholders meeting,the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) President Colm O Donnell again called on the Minister for Agriculture Mr. Creed to act swiftly on the unanimous consensus of those in attendance, that a meal voucher scheme and haulage subsidy be put in place with immediate effect for farmers.

“Department of Agriculture representatives were given a very clear message to inform the Minister of what needs to happen,and needs to happen fast,” stated O Donnell.”The stakeholders have spoken and its now time for a response from the Minister and Government.This stakeholders forum set up by Minister Creed must not be reduced to a Public Relations exercise by Government”.

Concluding the farm leader stated” that a DAFM meal voucher scheme where effected farmers could apply for assistance and that could be monitored in the same way as all other DAFM schemes. Implementing it in this way it would stand up to scrutiny and eliminate possible abuses of the system.Likewise any transport subsidy must give a benefit to the individual effected farmer and be used to set an affordable upper ceiling price for fodder”.