When we assess this regulation we need to fully appreciate the impact it will have on property rights. This regulation isn’t just saying what you can’t do (which is where we are with the SAC ; SPA designations) it is clearly stating what you must do and this is a significant change. Because if someone (either in Ireland or Brussels) can tell you what to do with your property – then you don’t have control and while you might have a Title Deed, without control then it’s not really yours.

No doubt there are some that will view this as an issue for farmers on peat lands (both lowland and upland) but they and everyone else needs to recognise the dangerous precedent being set, that in time could impact all farmers and property owners. Land and the control of land is a very emotive issue with Irish people – this regulation which many farmers will see as nothing more than a land-grab will be fought and won. Please read the full regulation here