Speaking on the way out of the marathon beef talks the President of the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association( INHFA) Colm O’Donnell said, “that despite the efforts over the past month for an increase in the price of prime beef, no such commitment was forthcoming from Meat Industry Ireland (MII). While minor concessions were agreed surrounding price transparency, the right of an individual farmer to appeal the grade of his or her animal and a review of the price Grid, O’Donnell continued by stating” that the future of sustainable suckler beef farming in Ireland will depend on the implementation of the INHFA 10 point plan”.
Significant steps were achieved at the talks in this regard with full Industry support for key INHFA proposals. Principal among them was the backing of a call for additional funding being required as a priority for a targeted direct support for suckler cows. The Farm leader pointed out in closing remarks to Minister Creed that he must now act swiftly to secure additional funds, both in his pre-budget negotiations with Government and with the EU Commission.
Also endorsed by all stakeholders was

• Support for re branding of naturally reared Irish suckler Beef,
• Further engagement by An Bord Bia with the Commission on Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status
• Securing of a 3 million marketing budget for research, development and promotion for enhancing and future proofing the resilience of the sector.

Summing up the farm leader stated that “the most important message coming from the beef stakeholder talks was that the Minister and his team have established a genuine forum of inclusivity for future
serious Agricultural sector issues that may arise “