Beef data & Genomics Scheme

The Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) are advising farmers still thinking about joining the Beef Data & Genomics Scheme to be very careful about doing so if they are not willing to live with the terms and conditions of the scheme as presently laid down. INHFA policy spokesperson Mr Colm O’ Donnell stated that “in our experience promises made by other organisations to get changes made to schemes that have already be signed off on are not always delivered on. This was the case for farmers with commonages where changes only happened after farmers themselves protested outside the Taoiseach’s office last Autumn”. Mr O Donnell went on to state that “the likelihood of any significant change reduces as more and more farmers join and that is why the date has being extended”. Mr O Donnell concluded by saying that “no doubt small changes will be made in order for everyone to save face and no doubt the scheme will suit some farmers, but don’t join up expecting significant changes as they wont happen”.

If you need any further clarification on points in press release please contact either of the following people

Henry O’Donnell (Donegal) 062670742
Brendan Joyce (Galway) 0872226737
Colm O’Donnell (Sligo) 0863892279
John Moran (Mayo) 0868306586