About Us

Pictured at INHFA AGM 2023, Minister McConalogue listens to members’ concerns about the challenges farmers are facing and the effect delayed payments will have on their livelihood. 

The Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) is working
tirelessly to ensure the viability of the family farm and the farming
way of life that has developed on High Nature Value and Hill type
land. The Organisation works to ensure farming communities are
valued both for their agricultural output and the positive benefits
our way of farming provides to biodiversity and ecosystem services
and animal welfare. The INHFA is a grassroots organisation that
highlights farmer’s issues through lobbying and representation at
National and European levels, as well as offering ongoing
confidential advice and guidance to individual farmers at local
level. We work to ensure the inclusivity of our key stakeholders to
safeguard future CAP payments and farm schemes that benefit
the members and communities we represent.

The INHFA has successfully campaigned on numerous issues
which have positively impacted our members and rural
communities throughout Ireland.

INHFA Services to Members:

  1. Advice and information
  2. Confidential farmer support
  3. Meetings and Information Sessions on the issues from a INHFA perspective
  4. Lobbying and negotiation at national and European level to recognise and protect our farming practices
  5. Fuel card savings with DCI
  6. Save on farm insurance with AXA
  7. Save on cattle and sheep tags with Mullinahone Co-op
  8. Save 10% on hotel breaks with the Maldron and Clayton hotels in Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK and Germany
INHFA delegates traveled to Brussels to meet with Irish MEPs to seek reform of the current Nature Restoration Law. INHFA will continue to lobby for change as this law will have serious consequences for farmers if implemented in its current format.

Our Values

Fairness not Favouritism
We respect the challenges farmers face and recognise the value and dignity of our membership and the wider rural community.


We listen to our members concerns and learn from our members what are the concerns of the INHFA. Our person-centered approach is open, honest, ethical, and fair and we are proud of what we  do.


Teamwork and inclusion are important to us. We strive to build meaningful relationships with key Government Departments to understand proposals and to influence policy, thereby ensuring our member’s best interests are protected by working together.


We work together with dedication and stand up for our members. We offer solutions to problems, if there is a better way forward we will find it. We work hard with our open-minded and forward- thinking approach and value constant improvement.

At INHFA, our values are who we are:
An organisation and support network that is inclusive and empowering.

An organisation that has a positive impact and demonstrates integrity.

An organisation that recognises that our members are our most valuable asset and are the focal point of everything we do.

Our key achievements

The INHFA has worked intensely to put money in your pockets. Below is a list of our recent achievements:


Ensured farmers on smaller holdings get a higher payment through CRISS (Complementary Redistributive Income Support for Sustainability, also known as ‘Front-Loading’) on the first 30/ha.

INHFA was the only farming organisation that sought convergence which secured a fairer basic payment for the majority of farmers for the next 4 years through the CAP Programme 2023-2027. 

INHFA lobbying during CAP negotiations ensured farmers on peat soils (hill and lowlands) will continue to receive CAP payments under CAP 2023-2027.

INHFA lobbying secured Category 1 ANC lands (Hill) and got access to this Scheme after initially being excluded.

Major campaign by the INHFA secured extra €50m for the Areas of Natural Constraint (ANC), that delivers an increase in payments worth up to €800/yr.

INHFA played a pivotal role in securing an additional €50m/year for the new Agri-Environmental Scheme (ACRES). Through our negotiation with the CAP Consultation Committee, the INHFA ensured that it would be a more farmer-friendly scheme that provides additional farm income for up to 70,0000 farm families.

Space for Nature is a requirement for all farmers to receive payments.  The INHFA secured a special category for farmers who could not meet the 4% Space for Nature due to the high nature value of their land but which did not fit the terms and conditions of Space for Nature.  The INHFA was the only farm organisation that lobbied for this change. The INHFA has secured changes that will ensure impacted farmers on peat soils and hills will continue to receive CAP payments.

INHFA secured a marketing budget of €6m to exclusively promote naturally reared suckler beef.

INHFA ensured that scheme eligibility requirements for ANC, Organic and other schemes was changed to reflect the new calculation of livestock units.

Developed a lamb market in conjunction with Bord Bia; Kepak Group which pays a bonus price for French light lambs.

INHFA launch a new branch in Dingle in 2022, we are an established national organisation and here to listen to our members concerns.

Our Goals

  • Negotiate for our members and ensure that future CAP and national programmes understand what is required for High for High Nature Value and Hill lands.
  • Ensure that our farmers get the recognition and respect they deserve for their farming way of life from a farming, environmental, and animal welfare perspective.
  • Ensure the family farm is sustainable for future generations.
  • Ensure that our members receive fair treatment for our work and our contribution to society – “Seeking Fairness Not Favouritism”.
Pictured here in 2016 the INHFA team with the previous Minister for Agriculture, Minister Creed. Our priority was to achieve a fairer CAP programme for farmers and through many negotiations, INHFA secured 85% convergence that will see a higher basic payment for you.

Our History

The Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) was established in January 2015 to represent farmers on marginalised, hill and designated land. The organisation was formed because many of these farmers felt they were not being represented. This lack of representation was clearly evident in the drafting of the new CAP Program which created barriers to entry into GLAS and farmers payments under the Basic Payment Scheme. In autumn 2014 a number of public meetings were held in Westport, Letterkenny and Maam Cross to highlight these issues. These meetings culminated in a public protest in Castlebar, which was attended by over 2000 farmers in December 2014. Success was achieved on the back of this when the Taoiseach Enda Kenny announced the removal whereby 50% of commonage farmers would need to have a collective agreement in place before they could even apply for GLAS.

INHFA Executive Members:

INHFA President

Vincent Roddy

INHFA Vice President

Micheal McDonnell

INHFA Vice President

John Joe Fitzgerald

INHFA National Treasurer

Liam Lavelle

INHFA Committee Chair

Pheilim Molloy

INHFA National Secretary

Sharon Cosgrove

INHFA Office

Connie Walsh

The INHFA has over 35 branches all over the country. If you would like to contact a local officer in your area, please give us a call on 0719302715. Our members are our most valuable asset and we are here to listen and learn from you.


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Membership of the Irish Natura And Hill Farmers Association offers many benefits; A strong voice that will be heard both nationally and throughout Europe, A direct line of communication to those policy makers that affect the day to day running of Irish agriculture.