We represent farmers on hill designated and environmentally valuable land
The INHFA is a nationwide organisation that aims to highlight the challenges faced by farmers in the more marginalised areas of the country.
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The INHFA has successfully campaigned on numerous issues which have positively impacted our members and rural communities throughout Ireland.
The INHFA is a grassroots organisation that highlights farmer’s issues through lobbying and representation at National and European level
Offering ongoing confidential advice and guidance to individual farmers at local level.


Established in 2015 to represent farmers on High Nature Value, hill and designated land.

The Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) is working tirelessly to ensure the viability of the family farm and the farming way of life that has developed on High Nature Value and Hill type land. The Organisation works to ensure farming communities are valued both for their agricultural output and the positive benefits our way of farming provides to biodiversity and ecosystem services and animal welfare.

Pictured at INHFA AGM 2023, Minister McConalogue listens to members’ concerns about the challenges farmers are facing and the effect delayed payments will have on their livelihood. 

INHFA Delegates attend a meeting with Minister Noonan to discuss the EU Nature Restoration Law and the serious implications it will have on traditional farming practices if implemented in its current format.  The INHFA is working tirelessly to amend some articles within this law that will be less restrictive on our family farms


Our Aim is to help and support farmers

Farmers must be involved in the decision process that places new or additional designations on their land. We also need a full review of the present situation where farmers have to apply for planning permission to their local authority in order to carry out normal farming activities eg. Fencing.


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Membership of the Irish Natura And Hill Farmers Association offers many benefits; A strong voice that will be heard both nationally and throughout Europe, A direct line of communication to those policy makers that affect the day to day running of Irish agriculture.