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The new CAP Program which commences this year will be a significant factor in the incomes of all farmers for its duration until 2020. While there are many components inside the CAP Program the issue of Land Eligibility and a workable GLAS ( Low Carbon Agri-Environmental Scheme) have become the two key issues that directly impacts on the majority of farmers that we represent.

Since our formation the issues of Land Eligibility and a workable GLAS has in conjunction with establishing the organisation being our main focus. With progress being made on these we are presently developing policy on a number of other issues outlined here. Over the next number of months we expect to roll out clear policies on these issues which are vitally important to our members.

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"Seeking Fairness Not Favouritism"

2021 Budget Submission
Department of Finance, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
and all Government Departments

September 2020

When drafting this year’s budget proposal, we are very conscious of the enormous impact of Covid-19 with regard to safeguarding public health while balancing this against wider economic concerns. Unfortunately, until such time as we have a vaccine or effective treatment Covid-19 will remain a significant factor in what will be a new normal.

In operating through this new normal it is vital that economic activity continues and where required State support is given. This will be of major importance in rural areas and in our beef and sheep sectors which are intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of many rural communities.

While recognising the ongoing impact of Covid-19 it is also important to recognise other significant threats facing Irish agriculture and our rural communities. Brexit, EU Trade Deals, Climate Change concerns and the new EU Biodiversity Strategy are all live issues that will impact possibly long after Covid-19.

The upcoming budget, which is the first for this Government will provide us with a clear indication of what their priorities are. For our suckler and sheep farmers can we expect continued support through relevant welfare schemes or will these farmers be encouraged down other routes such as rewetting peatlands? For our suckler and sheep farmers’ failure to act decisively in helping them will be a clear indication that neither they nor their communities matter.

In the INHFA we have worked with Bord Bia and the Kepak Group in developing a market for light lamb. This market has also played a significant role in supporting the price of these lambs which has benefited farmers who may not sell into it. For our suckler farmers there is a need for Bord Bia and Teagasc to do more in supporting these farmers and promoting this naturally reared beef product. To deliver on this funding needs to be provided in this budget to ensure the European public is fully aware of this unique brand.




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