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The INHFA was established in Feb 2015 to represent farmers on hill designated and environmentally valuable land. The organisation strives to keep the family farm viable and ensure the farming way of life that has evolved in regions like ours is valued from both an agricultural & environmental point of view.

The INHFA is a nationwide organisation and aims to highlight the challenges faced by farmers in the more marginalised areas of the country.

"Seeking Fairness Not Favouritism"

10-Point Plan For the future of suckler beef farming and ensuring food security for EU citizens and consumers

The importance of our beef industry to the overall economy is a point that has been well documented. Its role in the direct provision of jobs and the knock on affect throughout rural Ireland is vital in sustaining many communities. However, any analysis of our beef industry needs to address the clear difference that arises from the two major components of this industry, those being the dairy produced beef and the suckler produced beef.

While both of these products are marketed as Irish beef through the Origin Green programme they are very different products as evident through a number of factors. The first factor that distinguishes suckler beef from dairy beef is its lower carbon footprint as outlined by Teagasc which has shown that “on a hectare basis the average beef farm produces less than half the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions of the average hectare on a dairy farm” (Teagasc National Farm Survey, 2017). In addition to this there are other environmental bonuses’ coming from the more extensive farming systems favoured by suckler farmers, especially in relation to water quality.

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Welcome to the second edition of the Irish Farmers’ Guide

Welcome to the second edition of the Irish Farmers’ Guide, a magazine published by the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) to inform and reflect the views of farmers on hill,marginal, designated , and high nature value farmland. As in the previous issue we have included material that will be of benefit to you the reader and, while we have included informative articles, we have also included material that may challenge how you think. Whatever the outcome, we hope you enjoy the read.
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Major boost for Hill Farmers as INHFA announce Light Lamb Market

Speaking at their National AGM which was sponsored by Aurivo Co-op and held in Sligo last week, National Vice President Brendan Joyce announced the opening of a light lamb market titled ‘Atlantic Hill Lamb’ which will see 400 lambs a week killed for markets in Italy and Norway at Kepak Athleague.
The market stated Joyce “which we will start supplying to in early August is for light lamb carcass between 10 and 15kg with a minimum O2 Grade that will deliver a price of €5/kg.” Ensuring all lambs have the correct fat cover will he added “be essential in ensuring the market prospers as previous attempts at supplying these markets failed because lambs didn’t meet the specifications required.”
In the coming weeks continue Joyce “the INHFA will be hosting a number of meetings (outlined below) to inform interested farmers, how they can supply to this market: the type of lamb required: the pricing structure involve: what feeding may be required and how we intend to further develop and expand this market.
He concluded by thanking both Kepak Group and Board Bia for their work in helping to develop the market and expressed optimism that it can be expanded beyond the 20,000 lambs that we plan to supply in the coming year.

If you are interested in sending lambs to this market please download this form and return to INHFA Office.

Key Priorities

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Our Work - The INHFA is involved with many projects squarely aimed at facilitating improvements for farmers throughout Ireland, with an emphasis on fairness for all.

Our Policy - The INHFA has developed a balanced set of policies through frank exchange with national and international agricultural organisations as well as at grass roots level.

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